I have just finished my last final and am preparing to pack my apartment. My graduation ceremony is in two days, and then I have to prepare for my cruise to Alaska. Everything is going to be a mad rush! I am so lucky to have attended the University of California San Diego. I live in a beautiful modern apartment on campus that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and Torrey Pines golf course. In my apartment complex, we have a market and a fine dining pacific-rim inspired restaurant, complete with sushi bar! I have been blessed with a diverse international community of highly competitive and high achieving scholars, with world renowned faculty. I have had theĀ privilegeĀ of working in a syntax lab, running experiments, and analyzing and entering data results. I was PR on the board of the Linguistics Undergrad Association (LingUA @ UCSD) and have met so many wonderful friends who will go on to do great things in speech pathology, English instruction, computational linguistics, and many more. It is hard to say goodbye, as my time here was too short. Still, bigger and better things lie ahead, and I now have the foundation and life skills needed to compete in a global market. I do not know what I will do with the rest of my life, and I certainly hope that I will never really say “I will do X for the rest of my life…” but for now, I will relax on an Alaskan cruise, keep up with old friends in a virtual book club (as we will be spread across the globe this summer), and pack up for an archaeological dig in Jordan! The rest of my life can wait.