Welcome to Jordan!

I am late writing about my adventures here. I left in August for a 4 month adventure to Jordan! Why? I am on an archaeology dig! Two of them actually. That us why I haven’t posted anything. I was too busy with too little Internet. But now I have zain 3G on my iPhone so I have good coverage. It’s time to start posting.

I will attempt to backtrack but first let me give you an overview. I so fat have been chased by a scorpion, shot at by some school kids (the guns weren’t lethal but still were painful), have made friends with Bedouin tent dwellers and locals from a Christian village, all the middle school boys know my name and try to follow me around, I have had marriage offers and am being pursued by a family to live on a farm in the lowest hottest place on earth, ate goat sheep and gazelle, twisted an ankle and was impaled by a cactus, found an iron age figurine of an animal butt, visited a friend I met on my blog who happened to live in my village, swam in the dead sea, got a free “tour” of a batt cave underneath Jerash, made apple pie using no measurements, picked up a hitchhiker, and have had some of the greatest moments of my life. What would you like to hear about first?


A tiny Christian village in Jordan, Smakieh (Smakiye, as-Smakiya, etc) and some nearby digs! This is located in the ancient Kingdom of Moab, that is mentioned in the Bible.