Laundry Pacs

As a college student, I have to lug my laundry down 7 flights of stairs and into another building just to use the machines. As a college student, I typically procrastinate until I have a very full laundry basket, making this very heavy. Yet, the most inconvenient thing of this is that I have to schlep my detergent with me, making a mess in my basket, and then must carry it back, all sticky and moist.

This is where I thought of something to try: the new fad of laundry pods/paks/packs etc. Laundry detergent prepackaged in a dissolvable packet that you just plop into the machine with your clothes. Trouble is, it can be expensive. But imagine: grabbing just a handful of little packs of soap and coming back with nothing! So clean, so neat, so organized… so SIMPLE!

I found a coupon for Purex’s new packs, for a dollar off any size. I also found a Walgreens add showing a sale, plus a 50 cent off coupon! So I ran to Walgreens and found it on sale for $3.49 – $1.00 – $0.50 = $!.99, saving me $4.50 off the original price! SCORE!

At 11 cents per load, I am willing to give it a try. I will have to wait for another load of laundry to see how it works!


Orange-Vinegar Cleaner

I found this cleaner recipe on Pinterest.  You fill a quart jar with orange peels, then pour white vinegar in, seal & let sit for 10 days.  I used a pint jar because that’s all I had.

The original pinner says it smells great.  The first time I used mine, it smelled more like vinegar than oranges.  Today, 4 days after, it smells a bit more orangey.  Still, the dominant smell is vinegar.  But I’m used to cleaning with vinegar, so it doesn’t bother me.  I’m hoping the orangey smell will continue to develop.

It cleans really well, though!  As well or better than any store bought natural cleaners I’ve used.  I’ve got another jar of orange peels & vinegar steeping 🙂