Field Trips of Jordan: Part 1

On the first dig at Balua, we had one free day a week. Every Saturday, we would go on an adventure somewhere in Jordan. The first weekend was a trip to the Dead Sea. We made it a full day trip by stopping at Bab edh Drah, a bronze age site with a massive amount of tombs, and a local wadi (canyon) to cool off. Next, we made a quick stop by Lot’s Cave, the supposed site where Lot and his daughters hid from the fire and destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Whether or not this is actually THAT cave, it IS the spot of the ruins of a monastery that certainly thought it was.

Bab edh Drah
Enjoying the view while trying to survive the heat
Our Balua Team 2012
View out of a wadi
Rather intimidating rock formation. Perhaps blown out of the sky?
A nice place to take a nap on a hot summer day in Arabia
A very exciting little waterfall makes the well-over 105 degree weather
Ruins from a monastery at Lot’s Cave
Relaxing in the buoyancy of the water
Sunset over Jerusalem

We finally arrived at Amman Beach, a western resort on the lowest point on earth. Very nice place with a lovely pool and nice locker rooms. Going down to the Dead Sea was pretty cool. The water is so salty, it is impossible for a human to sink! What a cool science lesson! This also means you never want to get a drop of it in your eye or mouth. It is quite painful. But to be at hip-level depth and be able to lie back and float completely relaxed as if you are on a pool floatie… it is out of this world! We relaxed, swam in the pool, and watched the sun set over Jerusalem on the other side of the sea.


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