Alaska Cruise: day 8 (Glacier Bay)

Day 8: Today did not actually have a port of call, but was a visit into the fjords of Glacier Bay. What an amazing sight! We visited all the places John Muir studied, say some unbelievable glaciers, watched a bald eagle float along on an iceberg, listened to white thunder, and enjoyed a talk given by park rangers that secretly boarded our ship while we were sleeping! We were at the bay for several hours. I spent a lot of the time sipping coffee while watching. A nice man let me borrow his binoculars (note to self: next cruise, buy and pack binoculars).

They had a special fish buffet to honor the trip. It was formal night again, which required us to dress up and head down for dinner. Tonight was lobster tail and prawns! I sat next to a man from the Panama Canal, who taught me all about the politics and issues of that region! I found it more difficult to walk in heels tonight because we were in more open waters than before, so I felt like I was stumbling drunk. While waiting in line for the restroom, a 6-year old girl looks at me and whispers to her grandmother, “look behind you! She’s beautiful!” I smiled at the girl and she told me that purple was her favorite color. When I came out of my stall, she was waiting for me with a huge smile on her face! Her grandmother told me that she thought I was so beautiful that she wanted to be my friend! Her name was Sasha. We walked to the dining room together, but Sasha didn’t want me to go! I told her my stateroom and wished her good night. She brightened my whole day!

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