Alaska Cruise day 4 (at sea)

Day 4: We slept in as late as possible before getting up for a breakfast buffet. Our steward, Patrick, placed ‘congratulations’ balloons on our door showing that we were graduating. We took another nap after breakfast to make up for the weeks of no sleep preparing for finals and my party and Disneyland. We woke up in time for afternoon tea, a treat that I did NOT want to miss! We were sat at a table for 12 with lovely sandwiches and scones. We made friends with one of the families at the table, who were made up of Cubans, Nicaraguans, and Italians, so we had plenty to talk about! I now know how to travel to Cuba, and even got contact information for a ‘buddy in LA’ who does charter flights to Cuba. Apparently, Cuba actually places a card in your passport and stamps the card, so no one will know by just looking at your passport that you ever entered the country! Now, why can’t Israel do that too? They suggested I get two passports so that I can keep the ‘objectionable’ stamps in one while traveling with the other to countries that might give me hassle with having certain stamps. I’m not sure how legal that is, but worth considering in the future.

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Tonight was formal night, so we had to run to our room after tea to dress up for our 5:30 reservation (the only one available). We were probably the nicest dressed young people on the ship. We were sat at a table for 6 with a very interesting elderly couple who decided to retire on a cruise ship. They have taken over 250 cruises and had been in the same cabin for a month already. It is their second home. They say the cruise ship pays them more in perks than social security, pension, and retirement altogether! They have permanent reservations at the same table and insist that they get four different guests every night. In fact, the last maître di made the mistake of reserving the same four guests to their table for the length of the cruise, and they spoke to the headwaiter and got him fired! These people don’t mess around!

We got to do the champagne fountain and got several formal pictures of us in our fine dress, but probably won’t buy any of their photos. We went to a comedy act in the theater and bought some drinks (I got a no-jito) receiving numerous comments on how nice we were dressed. The older crowd really appreciated that at least some young people knew how to dress up for formal night. Once we were done with the show, we ran back to the room and got out of our fancy shoes as fast as possible. It was so nice to get back into normal clothes even though I really liked the feeling of being so glamorous! Funny thing was, even though we had been eating all day, we were still hungry! We ran to the top deck and grabbed pizza before sneaking back into the buffet to grab more fruit. We have to keep our strength up for Ketchikan tomorrow!


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