Alaska Cruise day 3 (Vancouver)

Day 3: After checkout, we headed downtown on foot (easy walking, even with heavy suitcases). We were able to hang out in a coffee shop until boarding. The cruise was very easy to find with plenty of signage. Even the local homeless were more than helpful, offering us very specific directions without us even asking. We boarded easily. They have a place to check your bags. Fortunately, I had already printed our luggage tags, so that saved a lot of time. The porters took our bags as we went through customs (a much more pleasant experience this time). After making it through, they had glasses of water awaiting us in the sitting area. Beau forgot to fill out his immigration information *sigh* so that took us longer than necessary. Once we boarded, our rooms were ready and our checked bags were preparing to be delivered. We went straight to the buffet.

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The food was amazing. The buffet had lovely bistro-style seating with a panoramic 180-degree view of the front of the ship. After lunch, we had an emergency drill. The announcement was made while I was on the phone booking dinner reservations, so I didn’t hear what she said. I asked Beau what the announcement said. “They said to put on our life vests and go to the meeting place”. All right, so we read the sign describing how to wear a life vest and put them on before going into the hallway. To my embarrassment, we were the only people wearing our life vests rather than just holding them. Soon, the announcement called out “do not wear your life vest yet!” I gave Beau a dirty look. “Yea, I wasn’t paying attention to the announcement…”

After the emergency drill, we went back to the buffet to snack on fruit. We were up there when we left port, watching Vancouver as we left. Beau went outside to snap pictures of Stanley Park and the city as we left. We walked to the other side to get some more shots, but Beau tripped on his way out. His iPhone flew out of his hands, bounced off the rubber floor, and slipped through a very small slit in the bottom of the railing, plummeting off the ship. Off went his pictures, contacts, etc. This was an obvious blow, and a huge damper on top of already having broken a suitcase. Please, everyone, do be careful with your electronics on deck.

After taking a deep breath and remembering that it is only a plastic brick that is easily replaceable, we were able to move on with our night and enjoy a nice dinner for two at a very fancy restaurant sitting right by the window. We were concerned about seasickness, but it honestly hasn’t been a problem yet. We enjoyed three courses of wonderful food with white-gloved service. Best of all, we saw dolphins out our window! I could really get used to this.


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