Russian Georgian Restaurant Pomegranate

I go to UCSD, so am always looking for fun places to go in San Diego. Also, I had not had anything resembling “Russian Food” since I returned from the Motherland in 2006. That is why I was so excited when my boyfriend found this place. Pomegranate, a Russian-Georgian Restaurant right in San Diego! The place is very cozy, it is not a ‘decorative fancy restaurant’. It is more like a hole-in-the-wall authentic cuisine with heart and soul! I had a serving of Borscht, since I have not been able to taste the sweet delicacy for 6 years now! I also ordered a glass of Samovar-style tea, served with a shot of berry syrup on the side to sweeten to your taste!

My boyfriend got a lamb dish and a Georgian soda. The meat was incredible! The soda was delicious! Funny thing is: we read the ingredients and saw very little sugar. Upon further analysis, I saw a main ingredient was “fragrance”. I tried breathing out while I sipped it and noticed that there was hardly any flavor to it by itself! Our sense of sweetness came from our noses! What a great ‘diet’ technique to avoid fake sweeteners! I wonder the effects of drinking ‘fragrance’.

I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant to anyone in the SD area. There is authentic Russian (and Georgian) charm exuding the entire place! Great place for families, friends, and couples looking for someplace fun and different!

Russian Georgian Restaurant Pomegranate.



  1. Oh my YUM. That borsch looks amazing. I am obsessed with Russian food, which is a good thing, given that I’m leaving for the motherland later today!

    So you were there in ’06? What were you there for?

    • I graduated high school so my dad and I took a trip back east! I was 17 and had never left America except for Mexico, so it was a BIG change but I LOVED it! Where are you going and why are you there? Have a safe flight! Will you visit St Petersburg?

      • What an amazing high school graduation gift! I am going to spend my first 6 weeks in the small-ish city of Yaroslavl, doing volunteer work. I’ll probably make a few weekend trips to Moscow and other nearby cities. After those 6 weeks is up, I’m going to spend a week or two in St. Petersburg (which I’m most excited about!). It’ll be White Nights too!

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